hunt for the Holy
Michael Olin-Hitt
Christopher Reynolds
Neil Fedio
Klemperer’s Garage Mahal

chrisdog: i have a question concerning what you said about the “parent
of the soul”. it is something i think is needed in the people now, a sense
of inner duration, a knowledge that extends beyond one lifetime. you said
that a person comes through this parent to the existence, that one shall know the
calling, the history and purpose of this parent of the soul. i’ve been
working a little bit with people trying to learn a new way for this knowledge to
come. i wondered if you would comment further and push further into that area

Holy: mmmmmmmmm, yes. yes! yes, this is good to speak about for the sake
of all of you, but especially the host for he has discovered the peace of
owning the heritage of the soul. in your experience, i will discuss it first in
your experience, for to be out of alignment with one’s Heavenly Heritage
is to feel at strife, to feel out of place, no matter where you go, you feel out
of place and the human mind thinks, “if this is not my place, i shall
move.” but the feeling of, shall we say, absurdity, will follow. it is not a matter
of location, it is a matter of spiritual orientation. to be connected, to be
connected, to be aware of, and obedient to, the Heavenly parent, the
Heritage of the Soul is to find peace, no matter the location. to find companionship
no matter the crowd or the isolation, to be at home with your Holy Self, your
Spiritual Essence, is to carry a home with you, wherever you are. now, it
is a state that all seek and all desire and many look in various places for this, and
people become lost

yes, they call it their destiny, they seek their destiny
they call it their home, they seek their home
they call it their career, they call it their Call
they call it all things, and yet, they do not know that it is simply not
something to strive for, but something to accept, not something to earn
but something to invite (breath)

the Parent of the Soul is an Identity and Purpose, for in the Many, we
have Purposes specific to us and in these Purposes we find fulfillment.
and YOU as emissaries of the Holy, in the temporal, in the physical, have
also Holy Purposes! Purposes beyond you. Purposes beyond the time and
location of your happenings, but coming to life within the happenings of your
lives, it is once again the joining and merging of the Eternal with the Temporal.
do you see? it is theme and variation, theme and variation.
is there nothing new here!!!??
are you speaking in circles!!!??
yes,. a circle is a beautiful thing to the Holy. it is indeed, i shall
speak of circles at another time, BUT! let us continue with locating the Parent
of the Soul

chrisdog: learning its history

learning its history. it shall be perhaps more productive to tell through
your experience how you discover than try to give a cosmic map

chrisdog ok

which would only be a metaphor, right? a metaphor

chrisdog; yes, speak in specifics

m, m, m, m, m, m, well, in the specifics, we again find a difficulty for
all things are different in spefics and yet, the general pattern is the same,
so the Holy Pattern, which is the Eternal Wisdom comes to the specific life
and is lived out differently in a beautiful way

but the experience for the individual is feeling a current in life, a
nudging, a wind, a direction, from beyond, and everyone knows the
experience, the Holy moment and direction, the feeling at Home.

and in time, the individual leans to interpret this feeling,
to find repetitions and in the repetitions, there are patterns
and in the patterns, there are meanings
and in the meanings, there are messages
and in the messages, there are directions
and in the directions, there is a Path!!!

chrisdog: do you see my life laid out before you, speak to that

m, m, ha, ha, ha, do i see the Path, the Path that connects you to the
to the Inheritance? yes, shall i tell you?
the Path is a cord
it is like an umbilical cord connecting you to the Mother of the Soul
so no matter where you step, you are yet connected
so finally, what is the Path, but walking with an awareness of the Holy
connection, the place of nurturance, right!?
so, do i see your life laid out? the Path of your life?
no, but i see the Holy connection,
and i know that you feel the Holy connection and as you walk,
you actually dangle, do you not? from the Holy,
no metaphor quite grasps what we speak of, does it?
the Path which is not a path, the cord which is not a Cord,
a walking that is a dangling, and yet, you see in it something,
don’t you? a way to be connected.

is it possible for some to live with the cord being severed?
oh, what a lost and lonely place this is,
what an existence it is
and i tell you this, there are many with such an existence,
and it grieves the Holy, and the Holy reaches forth,
the Holy reaches forth, and the cord can be re-generated,
the cord can be re-generated, for it is of Spirit and not of flesh,
and the Holy dangles the cord down in the face of the walker,
of the seeker, yes, the seeker has only to grab on and attach,
but the cord does not attach to the belly, but to the heart
how do you know your cord?
how do you know your Heritage of the Soul?

chrisdog: in a way that you feel like it is your true inheritance


chrisdog: in a way that cannot be taken from you

yes, yes, yes, yes

for some, it shall come in dream
for some, it shall come in feeling
for some, it shall come in intuition
for some, it shall come in prayer

each according to the tuning of the body, of the husk

Knowing Purpose

of the Physical and biological heritage (breath)