Chapter 1: The Big Picture: The Third Great Awakening
The Big Picture: The Third Great Awakening, Chapter 1
Dreaminggourd Sidereal COEX Constellation, The Dreaming Gourd by F. 
Christopher Reynolds


Our time of The Third Great Awakening is a period of Western 
Renaissance. The rebirth is a cultural rite of passage out of the modern 
and late-modern world views, and into an emerging, participatory, 
holistic, and quantum worldview. We are being invited to courageously 
participate in tending a sacred relationship with the land and with the 
Ancestors so that literally, spiritually and metaphorically, the Earth 
takes its place as the most life-giving of celestial bodies we know, in 
a galactic consciousness in an ever-expanding cosmos of more than 
2,000,000,000,000 galaxies.

The First Great Awakening occurred in the 13 colonies and Britain in the 
1730’s and 1740’s. It was a Protestant movement that emphasized 
experiences of re-birth through conversion and knowledge of being saved 
by Christ who was soon to come. The Second Great Awakening occurred in 
the United States from 1790-1820. It, too, was a Protestant movement 
that encouraged life and cultural reform, salvation, and, once again, 
the immanent return of Christ in the Second Coming.

In the Third Great Awakening, it is of humanity as a whole. No one is 
left behind.

The protests at Standing Rock in 2016 marked the largest gathering of 
Indigenous peoples in United States’ History. Environmental respect is a 
foundation of Earth-based spirituality. Besides the cry, Mni Wiconi! 
(Water is Sacred), a common statement heard was, Don’t let them fool 
you, our ways are sacred.


Theologian Thomas Berry wrote of our times:

The Great Work now, as we move into a new millennium, is to carry out 
the transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a 
period when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually 
beneficial manner.
(p, 3)

Our cultural pivot is nicely explained by Paul Hawken in his book, 
Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being 
and Why No One Saw it Coming


Hawken brings awareness to the global transformation now going on, 
especially in the intimate relationship of environment with social justice.

To share in The Third Great Awakening is to de-colonize into the 
emerging quantum participatory world view. De-colonization means to move out of  the modern world view with its notions of a highest God who is in eternal control, as well as, the late-modern world view with its notions 
of absurd humanity in an accidental, meaningless, exclusively physical universe.

To be alive now and to not understand the differences between the 
modern, the late-modern, and emerging participatory world views 
presently in play are forms of personal and community soul-neglect. 
Direct experience of the emerging participatory world view generally 
includes a profound feeling of being connected to all that is, a deep 
reverence for Earth, experiential relationships with Ancestors, and an 
embodied appreciation for the beauty and vulnerability of life for 
future generations.

We share a burden as regards discernment of the world views, modern from late-modern, both modern and late-modern from the emerging 
participatory. As we awaken to the direction of change, life becomes 
richer and wiser. By richer, I mean that life deepens as regards direct 
personal experience of the awe, also known as the numinous, that makes 
life worth living. By wiser, I mean that when we are mentally oriented 
so that the modern and late-modern world views are released, our 
“heart’s horizon” of the numinous becomes a central, guiding element in 
waking, dreaming, creative, and cultural life – especially in times of 
greatest suffering.

Veterans we serve are making their way home to live in a universe that 
is much more participatory than the universe of the 20th century. Our 
American Third Great Awakening is part of a second Axial Age for Western 
culture. The original Axial Age or Pivotal Age, according to philosopher 
Karl Jaspers is the historical period during which:

…the spiritual foundations of humanity were laid simultaneously and 
independently in China, India, Persia, Judea, and Greece. And these are 
the foundations upon which humanity still subsists today.

Newly born and and rising ancient spiritual foundations of humanity are 
now being woven and laid simultaneously, independently the world over. 
These are the foundations upon which humanity will move forward into an interstellar era.


Richard Tarnas in Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas 
That Have Shaped Our World View offered wonderful language for what we face together:

The Western mind must be willing to open itself to a reality the nature 
of which could shatter its most established beliefs about itself and 
about the world. This is where the real act of heroism is going to be. A 
threshold must now be crossed, a threshold demanding a courageous act of 
faith, of imagination, of trust in a larger, more complex reality; a 
threshold, moreover, demanding an act of unflinching self-discernment. 
And this is the great challenge of our time, the evolutionary imperative 
for the masculine to see through its one-sidedness, to own its 
unconscious shadow, to choose to enter into a fundamentally new 
relationship of mutuality with the feminine in all its forms. The 
feminine then becomes not that which must be controlled, denied and 
exploited, but rather fully acknowledged, respected and responded to for 
(p. 444)

The Highway Home by Christopher Reynolds, R. Brent Tully Animation

Because participation in ‘quantum home-coming’ includes the 
transpersonal, the spiritual, numinous, it is the emerging, holistic 
worldview that is spacious enough to comprehend its spiritual, 
psychological, ecological wholeness.

Here is more from Soul’s Cry about the holistic crucible, bridge and 
community circle:

Through this group experience there develops a true liturgical 
experience. The word “liturgy” means “the work of the people.” The work 
of storytelling and listening becomes the liturgy that ushers and 
facilitates healing the soul wound. Wounds are cleansed when they are 
opened and allowed to “bleed” through the stories, interpretation of 
stories and the sharing of poetry, written by the participants, and by 
the sharing of dreams. The healing circle becomes in a very real sense a 
crucible. Crucibles are vessels used by an alchemist to hold elements 
that together have the potential for harm when mixed in an unsafe 
container. Elements when mixed together in the safety of the crucible 
become something new and beneficial. The crucible is essential to hold 
what is potentially harmful. Crucible and crucifix are derived from the 
same root word “crux” which means “a critical moment in time.” The 
liturgy of storytelling in the crucible of the Warrior’s Circle becomes 
the critical moment in time.

Storytelling, poetry and dream stories that are told and listened to in 
the safety of the crucible (circle) do not take us back to the event. 
Telling the story in the protective confines of the crucible we call 
“Healing Circle” keeps us in the present, and something new emerges. 

(pp. 27-28)

I, too, witness the recurring, driving force for healing that comes from 
veteran’s storytelling, poetry and dream stories. It’s the dreams, in 
particular, that carry us all forward. For example, one veteran dreamed 
of Indigenous warriors bounding on horseback over a river in which he 
was wading in waters that reached up to his heart. One of them paused to 
look directly into his eyes and said to him: It was a good way, wasn’t 
it? Others have shared dreams of visitations of their lost comrades and 
enemies. Each time I retell that dream, I get tears in my eyes.

To me, there is nothing more native to the soul than our dreams. I am 
able to value the dreams that come forth first because I value the 
healing influences of my own dreams and second, because I know from 
those experiences that dreaming is more than chemical activity of the 
sleeping brain. The holistic path of our Renaissance has room for the 
spiritual dimension, past-lives, miracles, animal powers, ancestors, 
sacred helpers and more. Veterans and people in general appreciate the 
company of those who know about and appreciate the soul of their 


Additionally, the Listen-Speak-Heal exemplifies the emerging worldview 
because enacts the return of the twinned cosmos of the primal world 
view. In the Indigenous twinned cosmos, as in the Eastern wisdom of 
I-Ching, Creation is a wholeness of a complementary pnuemasomatic and 
psychosomatic pair who are joined together in all ways so that life 
might go on.


The pneumasomatic Creative, also know as the primal yang, is partnered 
with the psychosomatic Receptive,aka. primal yin. I-Ching translator, 
Richard Wilhelm described the Receptive as: devotion; its image is the 
earth. It is the perfect complement of the Creative (sky/heaven)–the 
complement, not the opposite, for the Receptive does not combat the 
Creative, but completes it.

Listen = the Receptive – Speak = the Creative – Heal = Creation