Answering James Joyce: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road


Irish author, James Joyce, has been an influence on my life. There are
concerns where my felt-connection with him has to do with Irish Roman
Catholic questions with which we both struggled. I’ve only come to truly
read his work in the last 10 years, but I am happy that I had time to
find my own answers to the questions in question before seeing how he

The song, Broken God, where I publicly smashed the icons of my Catholic
youth, which then opened the door for my spiritual emergency was my way of living through what he called his war with Catholicism.

Broken God

I built my temple in the streets
In muddy holes, I made the seats
A ruined child, I transfixed
upon my crucifix

I took the blood of a poisoned whore,
smeared it up across the door.
All the filth, I raised up
into a communion cup

God of pollution
O God of waste
God of suicidal grace

God of Chaos
God of Loss
O Broken God upon the cross

Broken God upon the cross

He struggled with the impact that the faith had on originality and
sexuality. The location of my breaking open, was Phallos (Sacred Image
of the Masculine) and The Gulf War, which asks the same questions is
another of our shared concern.

I have heard over the years that if we meet the Buddha on the road, we
should kill him. That has always seemed over to top to me. I realize that the message is that the Buddha we all seek is within and also seeks us. However, I think simply taking back the psychological projection would really be enough.

In our shared backgrounds, the Buddha is the Christ. There are remarkable persons who should meet him or her on the road, we could sit down together and share a meal. Hopefully, that sharing would nourish those places inside us that have learned helplessness and learned underestimation of humanity’s as well as our own actual potential.

I think James Joyce is in this same spirit in Ulysees. The Christ we seek is to be brought forth from within ourselves and in relationship. The enlightened human being we seek is seeking us. The communities where that level of expectation for each person’s potential is where the Second Coming is to be found.

ulysses unrestored copy

I invite you to listen in on this conversation I’ve been having with
James Joyce over a section from Ulysees:


Open your gates and sing


(A rocket rushes up the sky and bursts. A white star falls from it,
proclaiming the consummation of all things and second coming of Elijah.
Along an infinite invisible tightrope taut from zenith to nadir the End
of the World, a twoheaded octopus in gillie’s kilts, busby and tartan
filibegs, whirls through the murk, head over heels, in the form of the
Three Legs of Man.)

THE END OF THE WORLD: (with a Scotch accent) Wha’ll dance the keel row,
the keel row, the keel row?

(Over the possing drift and choking breathcoughs, Elijah’s voice, harsh
as a corncrake’s, jars on high. Perspiring in a loose lawn surplice with
funnel sleeves he is seen, vergerfaced, above a rostrum about which the
banner of old glory is draped. He thumps the parapet.)

ELIJAH: No yapping, if you please, in this booth. Jake Crane, Creole
Sue, Dove Campbell, Abe Kirschner, do your coughing with your mouths
shut. Say, I am operating all this trunk line. Boys, do it now. God’s
time is 12.25. Tell mother you’ll be there. Rush your order and you play
a slick ace. Join on right here. Book through to eternity junction, the
nonstop run. Just one word more. Are you a god or a doggone clod? If the
second advent came to Coney Island are we ready? Florry Christ, Stephen
Christ, Zoe Christ, Bloom Christ, Kitty Christ, Lynch Christ, it’s up to
you to sense that cosmic force. Have we cold feet about the cosmos? No.
Be on the side of the angels. Be a prism. You have that something
within, the higher self. You can rub shoulders with a Jesus, a Gautama,
an Ingersoll. Are you all in this vibration? I say you are. You once
nobble that, congregation, and a buck joyride to heaven becomes a back
number. You got me? It’s a lifebrightener, sure. The hottest stuff ever
was. It’s the whole pie with jam in. It’s just the cutest snappiest line
out. It is immense, supersumptuous. It restores. It vibrates. I know and
I am some vibrator. Joking apart and, getting down to bedrock, A. J.
Christ Dowie and the harmonial philosophy, have you got that? O. K.
Seventyseven west sixtyninth street. Got me? That’s it. You call me up
by sunphone any old time. Bumboosers, save your stamps. (He shouts) Now
then our glory song. All join heartily in the singing. Encore! (He
sings)… [Ulysses, 1922]

Joyce, in the section above from Ulysees, listed many Christs: Zoe
Christ, Bloom Christ, Lynch Christ, etc. In his way, he introduced the
pattern of:

(Your Name Here)-Christ


In his book, Pipe and Christ, Fr. John Stolzman wrote that he kept
asking the shamans if the Lakota Spirits knew Christ.


They kept telling him to ask the Lakota Spirits himself! When he did,
they replied,

Mahpiya ekta na maka sitomni.

which means, roughly, “Into heaven (cloud) and throughout the Earth
Spirit who travels and helps the people.”

Stolzman interpreted the answer with prejudice because he had trouble putting the Lakota Spirits on the same footing as his own Holy Spirit. However, the answer he received is worth further consideration as an
indication of how an already existing tradition integrated the Christ
archetype. The Lakota Spirits, as in many traditions, integrated the archetype of the Christ, even as they remained Lakota Spirits. I think this is very important information for Christians. This is because it appears that the message was not the foundation of a new religious empire meant to wipe out all other traditions, but a message to be integrated into already existing sacred ways.


There were sound reasons for C. G. Jung to write:

Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of

What he called, “all the psychological knowledge of antiquity” is another
way to say, Western Indigenous Wisdom. If astrology represents the sum
of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity then the recovery of how
of the Christian message was integrated into Hellenistic Greek culture
becomes accessible. The name, Iesus (Jesus) is how the Greeks integrated
the archetype that honors the divinity and sovereignty of the individual
soul into their sacred ways.

Iesus is the Greek “Mahpiya ekta na maka sitomni”, native to the ways of
the Hellenic West.


Bart Erhman did a magnificent job in his 2014 book: How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee. So does Dara
Malloy in his 2009 book, The Globalisation of God: Celtic Christianity’s
In both books, there is a process of transforming Jesus into a
God-man that enabled globalization and colonization of the planet.

The living connection to Greek-born Christianity as a development out of
the astrological wisdom tradition native to the West can be teased out
through David Fideler’s book,Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology
and Early Christian Symbolism.


He demonstrated how the message was integrated into the inherited Greek, Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. Fideler reminded us how the New Testament is mostly in Greek and that Christianity is essentially a Greek mystery religion.


Through the use of Gematria, sacred writing in which letters are also numbers, (most probably learned from the Hebrew tradition) scholars created, IESUS, which is a mis-spelling of Yeshua or Joshua.They did that so that the name could be included in the numbers associated with the celestial archetype of the sun.

The celestial archetype of the sun is one of the seven celestial powers
of our ancestors. Handed down over the millennia along with those sky
powers are a series of magic squares that were associated with the patterns of the powers above.

The magic squares were developed as understanding geometry, astronomy,
music, the motions of the zodiac and the synchronicities (The stars are like letters. Everything breathes together) expanded. As archetypes, magic squares they can be understood as examples of Western cultural understanding of the root patterns of meaning. If Pythagoras famously said, All is number, then there must be particular numbers that are connected to particular planetary themes you find in the All.

The symbolism of the magic squares was used with gematria to create the
dimensions of temples, art, amulets, prayers and songs. The number-letters associated with the divinities were imagined as a way to have architecture and life resonate with the divinity in question – as a means to invite powersin the sky down to Earth and to anchor them with beauty as the lure.

A temple to Artemis, Goddess of the moon, would use “lunar numbers.” A
temple to Venus would use the number/letters/timing associated with
Venus. A temple to Mars would be created in the same way, etc.

With gratitude to David Fideler’s scholarship, here are the magic squares and some temples associated with divine numbers derived from those squares:



artemis Temple of Artemis (Moon)








venusTemple of Venus




Temple of Mars




iupiter Temple of Jupiter




Temple_of_Saturn,_Rome Temple of Saturn




An old version of the magic square of the Sun and Temple of Apollo in



Why would the name, Jesus, be associated with the celestial archetype of
the sun? Here are some other “solar numbers” derived from its magic
square using gematria:

37, 74, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777,

Over the years, I’ve heard a number of stories of persons repeatedly
seeing sets of numbers in threes. One of my old friends used to call
these, “angel numbers”:


The letters for the name, Jesus, in Greek, add up to the solar number, 888


With gratitude to the math, geometry, architecture, music, and
cosmology, in Sun of God, I add the fundamental message in the astrology
of our ancestors.


When you look at a birth chart,

sun = identity


The sun represents the center of the personality, the identity, of the
individual soul in question. This was what Joseph Campbell referred to
as, the inborn, sealed-in soul or “intelligible character” of the
individual at birth.


Birthchart of James Joyce.

When integrated into the psychological knowledge handed down from
antiquity, the Christian message appears to be that carried within each
human soul is a unexpected potential Christos. You can find the sun in James Joyce’s birth chart next to the symbol of Aquarius – his birth sign or sun sign.

Iesus Christos was not a divinity to be praised as the Son of an
all-powerful Father who controls the entire universe, but a sacred
compassionate, merciful person to integrate into your awareness when you
are truly yourself and to also acknowledge in all others. Participate
with humanity, See and Be (Your Name Here)-Christ. In the same way
that all the planets are in the birth-chart, so all the Gods and
Goddesses psychologically inform each person in a one-of-kind manner. –
Ye are Gods.

This idea concerning the sacredness of individual identity is informs
Steven Forrest’s 6th principle of evolutionary astrology from his book,
Yesterday’s Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation:

Astrology recognizes only 2 absolutes: the irreducible mystery of life, and the uniqueness of each individual viewpoint on that mystery.

Forrest invoked the sun as identity and moon as soul in his saying:

The sun is the secret of sanity.
The moon is the secret of happiness.

As an evolutionary astrologer, he is referring both to true Identity
(sun’s secret) as well as the relational, evolutionary soul-freedom of
psychological awareness (moon’s secret) that nourishes and is nourished
by that knowing.


Notice the same in-born dignity of identity and soul in Rupert Sander’s
film, Ghost in the Shell.




reminds Major that she is not a weapon, but a sacred being:

You are more than a weapon.
You have a soul, a ghost.
When we see our uniqueness as a virtue,
only then do we find peace.

When we can see through Aramaki’s words and recognize the soul-respect
he is living, then we, too, are Christian in the indigenous sense of the
term. All human beings are capable of this awareness, though for some it
comes easier and for some it comes harder. There is no honest way to
measure which is which.

The Gift of sovereign individuality in soul that comes from all these
centuries of what has been the best aspects of patriarchy is this
fundamental worthiness of each human being, regardless of class, caste,
nationality, faith, gender. The end of patriarchy is to know that there
is no boundary between one human culture and another – there is no need
for any jealous God and Father. All beings are worthy. All beings
deserve recognition. All traditions can learn to see through themselves
into the sacredness of the others and all life.

The burden on Western persons seems more to do with how we regard
others, all others, including all of the life of Earth and Earth as well, than has to do with claims about ourselves. In mythic thought, to eat and digest is to become. The Eucharist is eaten in the Christian mythology because The Message is not to worship the Christ who will come to save you. The message is — become a Christ yourself, accept help from other beings and help all other beings become the I AM WHO AM who they are.

The lowly unexpected location, neglected by the many and lost out in no
man’s land is the human identity. Secreted away within each soul is a
new and unforeseen Christ who goes by our own name. Share this and
ingest it in community in an atmosphere of Mercy. Live in the world this

Joseph Campbell, again:

God’s initiative is represented by the inborn, sealed-in soul or
“intelligible character” of the individual at birth; and the initiative,
the freedom to act, must thereafter be one’s own, guided not by what
other people say, have done, or may tell one is God’s will, but by one’s
own interior voice; for indeed (continuing to speak mythologically) it
is in one’s sealed-in soul, its hidden, God-given difference from all
others that “God’s will” has been secreted, and to be found and shown,
like an Easter egg: and not by retreat into a bed of rapture, either in
darkness or in light, but through action here in this mixed world (why
otherwise be born?), where nothing is foul, nothing pure, but all, like
a magpie’s plumage, mixed.

James Joyce, saying the same thing in his Irish lyrical madness:

Florry Christ, Stephen Christ, Zoe Christ, Bloom Christ, Kitty Christ,
Lynch Christ, it’s up to you to sense that cosmic force. Have we cold
feet about the cosmos? No. Be on the side of the angels. Be a prism. You
have that something within, the higher self. You can rub shoulders with
a Jesus, a Gautama, an Ingersoll. Are you all in this vibration? I say
you are. You once nobble that, congregation, and a buck joyride to
heaven becomes a back number. You got me? It’s a lifebrightener, sure.

James Joyce’s Birth Chart = James Christ


The Sufi’s are a mystical branch of Islam. It’s not a big leap to hear
the _(Your Name Here)-CHRIST AND THE CHRIST PATTERN in the words of Rumi about the sacred individuality of each soul:

There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do

There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do. If you
forget everything else and not this, there’s nothing to worry about, but
if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done
nothing in your life.

It’s as if a king has sent you to some country to do a task, and you perform a hundred other services, but not the one he sent you to do. So human being come to this world to do particular work. That work is the purpose, and each is specific to the person. If you don’t do it, it’s as though a priceless Indian sword were used to slice rotten meat. It’s a golden bowl being used to cook turnips, when one filing from the bowl could buy a hundred suitable pots. It’s like a knife of the finest tempering nailed into a wall to hang things on.

You say, “But look, I’m using the dagger. It’s not lying idle.” Do you hear how ludicrous that sounds? For a penny an iron nail could be bought to serve for that. You say, “But I spend my energies on lofty enterprises. I study jurisprudence and philosophy and logic and astronomy and medicine and the rest.” But consider why you do those things. They are all branches of yourself.

Remember the deep root of your being, the presence of your lord. Give
yourself to the one who already owns your breath and your moments. If
you don’t, you will be like the man who takes a precious dagger and
hammers it into his kitchen wall for a peg to hold his dipper gourd.
You’ll be wasting valuable keenness and forgetting your dignity and purpose.


At the beginning of the use of magic squares was the realization of the
ecliptic and the north and south nodes of the moon by which solar eclipses could be predicted. To this day, the north and south nodes of the moon retain their early symbolic shapes and names in a birth chart as head and tail of the dragon:


eclipse-totality-1503344447 Eclipse of 2017, in Princeton, Kentucky

I went with my cousin Penny to watch the 2017 total eclipse of the sun
in Princeton, Kentucky. That eclipse was the single-most sky-sign I have ever witnessed. Even for me, a 21st century American, the eclipse was powerful. There was a man down the street with his church community
reading from the Bible about the awe of the God on High.

It is clear that any group of human beings who figured out how to predict solar eclipses could claim tremendous power from on high. I think there is evidence of this at the old fortress of Khor Rori in Oman. It was there that a people, ancestors of the Hadrumat people, whose name means, Death has come, established a kingdom in the name of the Divinity of the Moon.

Archaeological site of Sumhuram, near Salalah, Dhofar region (Om

From my visit to Khor Rori, I think it’s safe to consider that it all began with the moon. Here is an article entitled: New Study Shows Greek Temples Were Oriented to the Moon or Stars Rather than the Sun

My continuing theme has been to use the image below to understand and
become conscious of our culture’s ongoing patriarchal tendencies to prejudice the sky, the beyond, and the mind. I think the first break of this kind came with the realizations regarding the moon’s apparent power to devour the sun.


I also offered that a way for us to restore the Ancient Mother and Father to balance could be done using the glue of the zodiac:

zodiacwheel copyOuranosGaia

I’ve been approaching my own soul-life using the union of birthchart, zodiac, Hermeticism, alchemy, and stars, our own Indigenous Western
tradition, in union with the sweat lodge. I can attest that it works and
I think it furthers the questions that were raised by Joyce’s life’s work.

At the end of his life, he would never reconcile the Ireland he envisioned, actually, the Ireland he was embodying, with the nation as it was at that time. For that reason, he is buried with his wife and son in Zurich, Switzerland:


For me, he got his death right. It has stood as a soul-marker for me in the sense that, his death-stone in the Zurich of Jung has been a doorway to me, to my own family, and an affirmation of the importance of our work in the Soul of Welcoming Home.


It’s important to temper what I have been suggesting. Though all who
live have come here with the potential to bring forth an awakened soul
in relation to all that is, the Hermetic tradition also says that it
does not come for free. You are called to participate in your own
educational process.

Fully aware of the historical baggage that comes with teachings called
the Emerald Tablet, I wish to close with what I think is the Indigenous
tradition of the West as regards educare of the soul. Because it closes with the words, operation of the sun, I think what we are looking at is the operation of awakening of individual human identity to the realization of _(your name here)-Christ.

There are many more versions to be found on the web. This one is just to
get it down:

Tis true without lying, certain & most true.

That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is
like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing

And as all things have been & arose from one by the meditation of one:
so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind hath carried it in
its belly, the earth is its nurse.

The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.

Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.
Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly
with great industry.

It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it descends to the earth
& receives the force of things superior & inferior.

By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world
& thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing &
penetrates every solid thing.

So was the world created.

From this are & do come admirable adaptations whereof the means (or
process) is here in this. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegistus, having
the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.

That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.

Connected to this Hermetic root, it becomes possible to note the
evolutionary transformation of human identity over time in the West. Here is Sir Oliver Lodge with an update from his 1908, Man and the Universe:

A discovery once made by the human race is permanent: it fades no more
and its influence grows from age to age. We are now beginning to realize
a further step in the process of atonement. We are rising to the
conviction that we are part of nature, and so, a part of God, that the
whole creation — the One and the Many and All-One – is working together
towards some great end: and that now, after ages of development, we have
at last become conscious portions of the great scheme and can co-operate
in it with knowledge and with joy. We are no aliens in a foreign
universe governed by an outside God: we are parts of a developing whole,
all enfolded in an embracing and interpenetrating love, of which we too,
each to other, sometimes experience the joy too deep for words. And this
strengthening vision, this sense of union with Divinity, thus, and not
anything artificial or legal or commercial, is what science one day will
tell us is the inner meaning of the Redemption of Man.
(p. 234)

And finally, in the 2017 Ervin Laszlo’s Credo , reflects the growing
edge of science (and consciousness) Lodge prophesied:

  1. I am part of the world. The world is not outside of me, and I am not outside of the world. The world is in me, and I am in the world.
  2. I am more than a skin-and-bone material organism: my body, and its cells and organs are manifestations of what is truly me: a self-sustaining, self-evolving dynamic system arising, persisting and developing in interaction with other such systems and with the world around me.
  3. I am one of the highest, most evolved manifestations of the drive toward coherence and wholeness in the world. My essence is this cosmic drive. It is the same essence that is inherent in all the systems that arise and evolve in the universe.
  4. There are no absolute boundaries and divisions among the systems that arise and evolve in the universe, only transition points where one set of relations yields prevalence to another. In me, in this self-maintaining and self-evolving coherence- and wholeness-oriented system, the relations that integrate the cells and organs of my body are prevalent. Beyond my body other relations gain prevalence: those that drive toward coherence and wholeness in humanity, nature, and throughout the universe.
  5. The separate identity I attach to my fellow humans is a convenient
    convention to facilitate my interaction with them. My family and my
    community are just as much “me” as the cells and organs of my body.
    There are only gradients of intensity in the relations that distinguishing individuals from each other and from the world, no absolute divisions and boundaries. There are no “others” in the world: we are all dynamic, coherence and wholeness oriented systems in the world and we are part of the world and so part of each other.
  6. Collaboration, not competition, is the royal road to the wholeness
    and coherence that hallmarks healthy systems in the world. Collaboration calls for trust, empathy and solidarity. Comprehension, conciliation, and forgiveness are not signs of weakness but signs of courage. Harming others, even under the banner of patriotism and national or corporate interest is a mistaken intention. I am part of whoever I harm, and so I harm myself.
  7. “The good” for me, and for everyone in my world, is not the
    possession and accumulation of wealth. Wealth, whether in money or in a material resource, is but a means for maintaining myself in my
    environment. As exclusively mine, it commandeers a part of the resources that all living beings on the planet need to share if they are to live and thrive. Exclusive wealth is a threat to everyone in the community of life on the planet, and because I as well as the holders of wealth are part of this community, it is a threat to the wealthy, and to me.
  8. A healthy person has pleasure in giving: it is a higher pleasure than having. I am healthy and whole when I value giving over having. The
    true measure of accomplishment and excellence is my readiness to give,
    whatever I can give without harming myself, my family and those in my
    care. A community that values giving over having is a community of
    healthy persons, thriving through solidarity and love. Sharing enhances
    the community, while possessing and accumulating creates demarcation, invites competition and fuels envy. The share-society is the norm for all communities of life on the planet; the have-society is an aberration.
  9. Only life and its development have intrisic value as ends in themselves. All other things have value only insofar as they add to or enhance life and its development. Material things, and the energies and substances they need or generate, have value only insofar they contribute to the development of life in the community of all beings on the planet.
  10. I recognize my responsibility for evolving my consciousness, and through my example for helping the evolution of consciousness in others. We have been part of the aberration of human consciousness in the modern world, and we need to be part of the evolution that overcomes that aberration. Living and working toward this goal is my duty, as a conscious member of a conscious species in a conscious cosmos.